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A Pause That Killed The Lights

Today’s the day! My first full-length album, A Pause That Killed The Lights, is now available on iTunes, Spotify, and most importantly, bandcamp:


Bandcamp is my recommended way to download the album, because you can choose the file format you want to download, you can check out all the lyrics to my songs, and plus I get highest percentage revenue per download. You can even name a higher than market price if you feel like making an extra contribution, wink wink! If you prefer to order a physical copy, CDbaby is the best place.

If you are in Washington, DC, you are of course invited to my CD Release show tonight, 8:30pm at Velvet Lounge.

If you are in Chicago, I’ll be playing the Elbo Room on July 3.

This album means a lot to me not just because of the songs I poured my heart into, but because so many friends, loved ones, and fellow musicians contributed to it. Special thanks to Noah Silver at the Silver Jukebox Studios for giving this record its unique character and really burning the midnight oil on it. Happy listening!

New Song and Video: Damn These Weeds

What with life and recording sessions and all I haven’t had any groundbreaking announcements to make, so I wanted to share a video of a new song! I wrote it last year on the road, around the border between Indiana and Ohio…which explains how thoroughly midwestern the thing came out. I’ve been playing it with Jackson for a while, and I recently finished a studio version (which you’ll have to wait for!).


Midwest tour, new song, and Kennedy Center

Hi, Harris Face news! Here we go:


The Midwest is calling again.  The dates are here, but if you want to RSVP on facebook check out the events page.  I am still looking for some couches to crash on mainly in OHIO so reply to this email if you can help out!


I recorded this new song City Sky, beautifully produced by my friend Noah Silver. You can also use that soundcloud page to stream the rest of my music, including my 2013 EP “Hopeful Paranoia.”


If I haven’t already shared this with you, this is the video from the Pete Seeger tribute I played in at the Kennedy Center. It was an amazing experience!  Shortcuts: at 15 minutes in I play my original song Dust & Smoke, and at 58 minutes in I lead a rendition of Turn Turn Turn.



Updates from the Polar Vortex

There is a season!  This winter can be divided into two seasons, before I learned the word ‘Polar Vortex,’ and after the DC bus hit a snowy owl.

It’s been too long since I updated the blog here! Lots has happened.  The full band EP, ‘Hopeful Paranoia,’ is up for the taking on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and the likes.  I unknowingly played a show in Boston while standing on a fractured leg. Residency at the Hamilton Loft continues to be fun, even when I’m peer-pressured into a Wagon Wheel rendition.  A Spring midwest tour is in the works (check the calendar for dates), as well as a new acoustic single I’m recording locally.

If you’re in DC keep an eye out for this one- I’ll be taking part in the Pete Seeger tribute at the Kennedy Center on March 16! More details on that soon.



July 13

Life and music updates! I just got back from a solo tour of the Midwest, and posted some pictures of it up here.  While on the road I caught up with old friends, met some amazing new musicians, my GPS went on a binge and tried to strand me, and I’ve already started peddling the new CDs, which are in print and ready for the release.  You can listen to the full new EP streaming up here, and by July 13th you’ll be able to download it from almost anywhere on our glorious interwebs.

If you’re in DC, don’t forget we are celebrating the release on July 13, Saturday night at the Dunes.  Here are all the details! The 13th is a Saturday, not a Friday, so it’s not bad luck. We’ve got two singer-songwriters and two folk-rocking bands, all local, and of course we’ll have the new stuff.

Listen to The Squall

The Squall is the first track off a 6-track crazy-awesome EP we have coming down the pike.  Features the full ‘Restoration’ lineup, a big old B3 organ and leslie, and our friend Julia Jay on vocals. It’s about a storm! Crank it up.

Stop n’ Drop n’ Rock n’ Roll

For the second year in a row, winter has become a time for writing and recording.  This year is a little different though, I’m taking a more open ended approach.  The Restoration and I have been hard at work at Sound of Music Studios in Richmond, VA, working on a set of rock n’ roll tunes that should one day jump out at you from your car’s sun visor.

In the meanwhile, we’ve been youtoubing it up here and here and here.  And say hello at our next DC show, March 4 at Velvet Lounge.


Harris Face and The Restoration

Meet my first ever official backing band, The Restoration:

Mike Sammartino- Drums

Jason Mendelson- Bass

Aaron Thaul- guitar

Jackson Styron- steel guitar

Come see us this Sunday at Wonderland Ballroom (DC), December 13 at Rock & Roll Hotel (DC), and January 12 at Sidewalk Cafe (NEW YORK). As always, check the calendar for full details, facebook to RSVP, or sign the mailing list to stay updated:


Summer Strummers


I tend to get behind on things, and one of them was keeping this blog updated.  It’s October!  I’ll talk more about the band in my next post.  In July and August Adrian Krygowski and I played 18 shows together across the South, Midwest, and back down the East Coast.  We played coffee shops, bars, coffee bar shops, art galleries, fancy restaurants, radio shows, and awkward outdoor patios.  This photo album  tells more of the story.

I really want to get back to the Midwest, there was something about the vibe there that drew me in.  Unfortunately upper Midwest winter will keep the tour limited, but keep a lookout for me in December.  And yes- I’ve been writing.  Writing has just become a part of being alive at this point.

Summer Tour, Autumn Band

Summer tour with Adrian Krygowski was wild.  We played 18 shows in 22 days and put about 4000 miles on our borrowed Honda Odyssey.  We played huge art galleries, sit down restaurants, radio stations, coffee shops, bars, and coffee bars. We made new friends, ran away from aggressive homeless people, scattered our belongings across the great Midwest, and never quite developed the stomach to finish that jar of moonshine we bought in east Tennessee.

Here are a whole bunch of captioned iPhone pics from the tour.

Second bit of new news- I am about to play my first full band show.  This has been in the works the whole summer, but really came together the past few weeks since I’ve been back.  It’s a five-piece wall of alt country sound with guitar and pedal steel!  We are playing our first show in DC this Saturday night at the Electric Maid- hope you can make it.